We've been blessed to be a part of the journey.
Hear from those we've helped along the way!

Bobby & Torrie

"After several counselors and therapists we finally found what we needed in our mentors Dwight and Angela. A spiritual biblically based respect and honor for marriage that they freely display within their own 30 year marriage. Our mentors are incredible. We feel safe to share with them in the most nonjudgmental transparent way. When my husband and I finish every session we say, “Wow that was a growing experience for us!” Each time we concluded a meeting, my husband and I felt closer to each other. In short our mentors are awesome! They hold us accountable. They walk along side us in love. They care. They are invested in us, our family, and our marriage and we don’t know where we would be without them."

Jasmine & Van

"If you are ready to invest in your marriage before it starts or if you have been married for years this SYMBIS assessment with The McDowell's is the way to go. My fiance and I had an awesome experience when we completed the assessment. We had a chance to see our concerns of our relationship, and how well most of it is going. Surely, both of us have had some sort of marriage therapy or coaching in the past, but nothing like this before... "

"After doing SYMBIS with the McDowell's it gave me and my fiance a fresh start to the new year 2020. We have had our ups and downs but those ups and downs have us still in love with each other and now looking forward to becoming stronger to make the next leap. SYMBIS taught us about things we knew about each other and things that we didn't know clearly and we are sharpening all areas now to become better for each other. Thanks McDowell's for your help and if any couples out there need relationship help the McDowell's are the way to go!!!!"


I met Dwight McDowell in my early twenties when he came to a church called Shepherds Way, he preached the word and after hearing him preach the gospel, I knew he was a man of God! I became friends with him and he took me and my family in under his belt as we were his family. Dwight and his wife has always been there for us no matter what time of day.He loves the community, he love kids. He loves the Dallas Cowboys, but without this Man of God I don't know where me and my wife's marriage would have been.

He truly is a man of his word, he helps everyone without even giving it a thought. Dwight is definitely a man of courage, integrity, love, compassion, and has the heart of God in him. I'm truly blessed to have this man as my mentor till this present day and time. My family loves him dearly and his family is and always will be apart of ours.

Jennifer & Justin

"Mr. and Mrs. McDowell have been speaking into our marriage and praying over us for the last ten years. They are devoted to helping people mantain a strong marriage. It's great to see a couple still so passionately in love after over thirty years of marriage."

Sam & Sophia

"We have lived life in many aspects alongside the McDowells for several years and there are no doubts about their high value of marriage and the importance they place on working through the obstacles that arise. Their passion is infectious and they will do whatever they can to encourage the marriages around them. We have been blessed by their listening ear and genuine counsel."