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You can build your marriage on more than a hope and a prayer.The SYMBIS Assessment gives you a personalized road map to making your marriage everything it was meant to be and how your two personalities mesh!
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Marriage Mentors


Help guide couples pass unsolvable disagreements. Mediate when the need for another voice & always operate on the "side of right".


Marriage Coaches

Motivating couples to do better & serve each other cheerfully. Cheer couples on as they work to accomplish their marriage goals. Teaching couples how to grow by overcoming troubled and hard areas of their marriage.

Marriage Bootcamp Hosts

Build couples skills in communication & coping with difficulties. Couples learn how to "fight fair" and manage conflicts. Strengthening commitment and trust in a relationship.

How it Works

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    Let us know you’d like to take the assessment by completing the information form.

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    Take the assessment - On any phone, laptop, desktop or tablet - takes only 30 minutes.

  • review

    Hang back while we get the results of your assessment - we’ll contact you for an appointment when we get your results. Easy right?

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